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Are you a machine or real?

Posted on 9 September, 2018 at 4:20

One morning my 7 year old woke up and said to me that she had a dream that she was REAL. Her exact words were “Mum I dreamt that I was really real, like I could touch things and feel things!” This immediately brought to my awareness what happens when consciousness kicks in for a child. Like Pinocchio turning into a real boy and realizing that he was a real boy! These days it’s fashion to talk about awareness and being Conscious of self! But in practical terms what does this actually look or feel like?

Assume for a moment that you’re a 6 week old Baby, looking out into the world through a Baby’s eyes, completely unaware that you’re inside a tiny physical body. You suddenly see these things that look like tentacles waving around in front of your face. Humans call these your hands and fingers. One of them poke you in the eye and you start to cry. From this inner intelligence a brief thought arises “What the hell did that thing do that to me for?” A little time passes and you begin to realize these tentacles are stuck to something bigger that’s somehow connected to your thoughts. You start to notice that you can actually control these tentacles with what you are thinking. You think this way and they go this way, you think come closer and Oops! they poked you in the eye again!

Once I was teaching my teenager how to drive and I asked how she was feeling to which she responded “I’m ok Mum, it feels just like playing a video game.” Driving for me was interesting after that. I’d look at the back of my hands as I clutched onto the steering wheel and couldn’t help but feel as though I was playing a virtual reality game. Being aware of myself within the game and observing the game at the exact same time!

Try this now. Look at your hand in front of you, for a moment notice that it’s a tentacle attached to your body. Never taking your eyes off the index finger like a suspicious detective, slowly run the index finger over your eyes, forehead and nose, while repeating in your head “What is this thing doing? why is it touching me?” Then open and close your hand in front of you turning it back and forth and ask the hand “What are you??” and respond to yourself “Who’s asking that??”

Is it your brain asking that question to your hand? Physically a surgeon could cut open a brain and not find a thought in there. What would a thought even look like? Where did that thought come from if it can’t be physically found anywhere within your body? It has to come from somewhere, you know it came from you, But where is that “You” that’s thinking?

If you think for a moment that the finger is you, then what would happen if someone cut that finger off? Did “you” now remain in that finger? Are you in the finger and in the rest of body at the same time? But how can you be in 2 places at once? How can they both be you? Unless you say they are parts of you? Then the real question is where are “You?” are you stuck inside that little organ called the brain? Are you in your hair, in your toe nails, in the blood cells? Point to you? This is the first step towards understanding your multidimensionality. You have a whole world going on inside of you and outside of you.

Hopefully, I’ve raised some questions as to whether our physical body is all that we are. If we assume what’s creating those thoughts within us is in ethers, within, around and outside of us, like an iCloud of information. Then our physical body is like a mobile phone downloading data from an iCloud of sorts. So our physical self is a machine, robot, toy or Avatar. Now open and close your hand in front of you again and say to yourself “The “I” that I cannot physically see is animating this object that’s opening and closing in front of me”. You are an organic machine producing biochemical reactions to your thoughts/downloads constantly. But the “You” that is creating those thoughts would be really hard to pinpoint down to only one physical thing. So if we aren’t just physical, then it’s safe to assume that we have or in fact need much more than just 5 senses.

When we become aware of all these facets of ourselves, true Consciousness of all that we are can begin. In essence we can then become a REAL BOY!

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