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Pick the Purple Pill

Posted on 24 November, 2019 at 0:55

No, I’m not encouraging any drugs! This post has been inspired by the Matrix. The options were the Blue pill to go about your daily life as per normal. Being a part of one big organism functioning as an efficient system. Or take the Red pill and find out the truth about everything .

Why only pick one? Combine them both and you make the purple pill. The one thing all us humans have in common is that we all chose to have this human experience. We chose to experience the Matrix the way we are experiencing it now.

On a collective level we are operating with a Hive mind or collective consciousness of sorts. All you have to do is look at the programming around you! There are patterns everywhere and we rely on everyone to follow the rules in order to function as a society. Hive mind is what helps Ants build colonies, bees build hives and Humans build cities.

On an individual level our seperation from the Hive defines who we are as individuals. We can be creative and do something unique that defines us from all others. On an individual level we have a taste of freedom and begin to understand what personal power is.

When you look at your TV do you realise that there are thousands of pixels of light all organised to create an image. If one pixel suddenly because conscious of itself and chose to fly off a different direction as a programmer of that TV how would you react? You’d do everything possible to put it back in its place!The same for a computer if a program isn’t doing what it’s meant to it can be seen as having a virus and the energy responsible for creating it is to fix it.

You are that individual pixel on that TV, functioning as a part of a whole picture. If you choose to break out as an individual you will set off the alarm bells to the programmer of this reality. So the secret to the Purple pill is that you have the knowledge of both! Become aware that you are a seperate individual with power but you are also part of a functioning system. Hence have the knowledge of both the Blue Pill and the Red Pill.

But if you pick one then you become dormant to the perspective of one or the other. Living in the purple pill gives you the advantage over everyone. You are one and you are all. You are everything and nothing all at the same time. However, you are awake! Living from a place of knowledge of this kind can be powerful because you learn how to function in a way that doesn’t put you on the programmer’s radar. You’re not rebelling, you’re following the system’s rules while at the same time you can influence and condition your environment in subtle ways still following the rules.

In conclusion the purple pill gives you the knowledge of everything so that you can ultimately enjoy the simplicity of daily living, in all its pain and it’s joys. In full acceptance of everything that you are. This is knowledge the programmer doesn’t want you to have at the risk of you rebelling. If only you knew how many hurdles I had to go through to post this entry ��

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