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What happened to my child after the Soul Realignment?

Posted on 24 September, 2019 at 22:05

Children are born into the collective vibration of their parents and family they live with. Now unfortunately if they are born to parents that are in a constant negative state such as fear, stress, lack, shame, sadness, resentment etc…. this child will also begin to carry or react to these emotions. Often what happens is that because of a parent’s emotional state a child feels or acts repressed or suppressed. In their desperation to fit in with the energy of the family. When a parent has a Soul Realignment and starts to shift their energy field interesting things start to happen.

After a Soul Realignment the parent may start doing new things which of course will look like unpredictable new patterns to their children. The child at first may freak out and try to trigger the parent to go back into their old more predictable patterns. But if the parent has successfully heightened their vibration and done their clearings most of the time these clearings of family Karma and Patterns will also create a shift in the child’s energy field also. After a Soul Realignment the parent should be expressing their gifts more and as a result start to energetically open up a child to their own gifts also. So guess what happens we start to have a MORE EXPRESSIVE child. From an outsider’s perspective is actually WONDERFUL!! But for the parents it is seen as them being naughty and unruly! Some parents try to stifle the child back into submission of the family expectations. But by the parents opening themselves up to being more of who they are at Soul Level they have also opened up their children to be more of who they are at Soul Level.

When I used to work in parenting support I was often faced with parents at the end of their tether with screaming, rebellious and crying children. I’d ask have you noticed that when you are having a great day with the kids when you are most present, patient and confident that this is when they suddenly have a huge tantrum? You know why?? Because they feel safe enough to do so at that moment. Children don't naturally express themselves around people they don't feel safe with. If your children cry and get upset around you it’s because they feel safe with you to be able to do this. It’s not a bad thing. You want to teach your children that if there’s anywhere on this earth they can feel safe about being themselves that it’s with you! So it’s not surprising that after a Soul realignment when you are feeling more stable and peaceful within yourself that they then begin to feel safer to be themselves, and be themselves around you. They have finally been given permission to step into their own unique divinity as you step into yours, they finally feel like they can be themselves authentically and hope that they will still be loved and accepted by you in their authentic self-expression.


Ultimately the battle that is going on worldwide is the same battle that is going on within our homes on a daily basis. People are trying to find ways to express their unique divinity while learning to accept the divinity in others. The ability to create balance and acceptance, taking into consideration everyone’s unique differences starts within the home. If you can allow and encourage your children to express their unique divinity and teach them how they can allow and encourage you to express your own unique divinity, and know that all are safe to do so, we are one step closer to world peace.

By Carla Savannah

Categories: Parenting, Self Development

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