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Transcending the Ego

Posted on 29 March, 2019 at 23:00

Most of you have heard me talk a lot about the Ego appointing itself as the Governor of our physical experience. For those who haven’t read any of previous material I’ll briefly summarise. 

The Ego is the most primitive part of our brain, the reptilian part. It’s job is to create predicable patterns so that we can simply go into autopilot and not have to think about breathing, walking, talking etc.... however it’s not just the physical aspect it takes care of, it’s also the emotional aspect. It’s creates patterns around emotions also so that for example if you experienced a traumatic event as a child it will hold the signature of that trauma within your emotional body so that when any associated fears around this trauma is triggered you react instinctually to protect yourself.

The Ego figures out very quickly that through experimenting you create pleasant or painful results. So it tries to keep you within predictable patterns in order to try and avoid pain or gain pleasure. It makes sure you stay in the comfortable and not venture too much into the unknown. Which is why I say it appoints itself as the governor of your physical experience. It’s designed to keep you safe. When you go and try something completely NEW out of your comfort zone the Ego perceives that you’ve just done something crazy like jumping into a lake full of Crocodiles. Of course this is when all sorts of self-sabotage comes up in the Ego’s desperate attempt to get you back into what’s comfortable. (see my video Phases of change)

Now let’s not make an enemy of the Ego. We need to thank the Ego for playing this particular role of keeping us safe within our physical experience. It also has another important function that we didn’t forget when we incarcerated into this physical experience. That’s the function of desire for growth and expansion essentially the need for more, more, more. However, the Ego only knows how to create this at a physical level. So it thinks on the level of matter we need More Money, More Sex, More Power, More chocolate.... the Ego can only relate it’s need for more to it’s individual physical experience not to a broader perspective inclusion with other. 

It’s important to understand this because it’s the key to the transcendence of the Ego. Let’s imagine for a moment a child wants chocolate. If you were to give that child an endless bucket of chocolate and allowed it to physically indulge in experiencing chocolate to its heart’s desire, I guarantee you the child will eventually hit a point where it no longer desires chocolate the way it did. Chocolate thereafter merely becomes a choice for the sake of a familiar experience.

Another example is maybe a Woman who’s desired her whole life to have children and if she is able to experience having as many children as she wants and fully experiences every moment that comes with the mothering role she naturally moves into the desire of more freedom and not wanting to be raising anymore children. A Mother whom maybe wasn’t completely immersed in their mothering experience preoccupied with other thngs is more likely to have regrets around her parenting presence and possibly get clucky again in order to fully complete this emotional experience. In conclusion when you’re able to experience a desire to its absolute fullest potential within your physical experience the Ego no longer attaches to needing this experience again. 

Therefore, the secret to transcending the Ego is to give the Ego everything it desires at a physical and emotional level. Once the Ego knows that it can have and create everything it desires it simply gets bored. A bored Ego with no physical or emotional needs or desires is of no threat to anyone else, and so is free to become an inclusive entity simply experiencing the world without attachment to anything or anyone. It becomes a freed Ego. To an average person this looks like a life of lonliness and without love but in fact is actually the complete opposite. It’s a state of pure unconditional love. Where you desire nothing from anyone you are giving purely for the joy of giving out energy, asking for nothing in return. God consciousness.

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