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Should I quit my job and become a fulltime healer?

Posted on 14 March, 2019 at 19:50

This is a more common question than you think. I get told often “A psychic once told me I’m a healer, so should I quit my day job to become a healer?” Opening up our own Healing business seems to be the New Age thing to do. However, the question is can you provide healing to humanity simply by doing your regular everyday job?

Say for example your primary purpose is to nurture and support others. You may not necessarily need to quit your job and become a Nurse or Carer. It just means that within your current job you need to provide more nurturing and support to others, or if your primary purpose is communication for example and you work at the check outs at Coles it just means use more communication as your tool. By using your natural inherent skills and talents you are actually still providing the universe with your special soul’s gift.

My background is within Counselling but when I had my last 2 children I wanted to do something simple from home so I started up a Spray tanning business. You’d be surprised how fantastic I became at incorporating my Counselling skills within my spray tanning. Hence my spray tanning business became a huge success simply because I was expressing my Soul’s gifts and purpose through whichever job I was doing.

Imagine what the world would be like if we all quite our regular jobs to become only healers. The garbage man wouldn’t come every week, there would be no one to serve us at the bank or anyone to grow local vegetables and so on. We are all a necessary part of this bigger system. We can provide loving healing energy that incorporates our divine self-expression into our daily job. Now if what you are doing daily is making you absolutely miserable then that’s a different story all together.

There are many successful healers that began to work on their healing practice slowly on the side while doing their day job. By building slowly they were able to establish a base as well as still having the financial support they needed from their more predictable regular job. Not everyone feels comfortable running their own business, and in reality a business takes up to 2 years to fully stabilize. Therefore, simply quitting your day job to open up your own healing business can be a very disempowering or anxious choice that not everyone has the strength to carry out.

Personally I think, master your Soul’s natural gifts within your current job first, and see how you can provide your Soul’s divine gifts to the world that way, unless you feel that your current job is completely incongruent to whom you are at Soul level and there’s no way for you to express your divine gifts within that job, only then consider whether running your own healing business would be the right option for you.

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