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Are you in a Relationship with a Negative Soul?

Posted on 5 February, 2019 at 2:10

A common concern I come up against within Relationship Realignments is when someone finds out that they are in a Relationship with a Negative Soul. Negative Souls are a challenging bunch to deal with simply because they are NOT always bad people! Negative Souls find it easier to absorb energy from others rather than having to work for it for themselves. In simpler terms they have severed their direct link to Source and have found a way to suck energy from the people around them instead. This gets often termed in a very negative way amongst the spiritual community as Energy Vampires. This doesn’t make them bad people it just means they either have forgotten or haven’t learnt any other way of accessing this energy from source.

You can spot these people easily if you see most of the following traits within your partner:

Lacks remorse

Thinks the rules don’t apply to them

Thinks everything is always about them

Blames others

Never takes responsibility for their actions

Charming but arrogant

Needs to win

Chameleons within a relationship

Tell you everything you want to hear rather than being authentic

Lacks consciousness

Likes to manipulate the truth

Do things to get a rise out of people

Incapable of long term changes

Only change just enough to make you believe they can change

Lack empathy

Critical or wont validate your efforts

Tries to confuse you so you constantly doubt yourself

Finds it hard to connect on a very deep level

Will lie to look good in front of others

Self-esteem is based around external gains

Is Vengeful

Moves on to other Relationships quickly when current one no longer serves them

Their partners look tired and sucked dry

Very Co-dependent so they need your energy

This is a group of people I choose not to do Soul Realignments for. With Negative Souls it’s useless to attempt helping these people because they are completely ‘internally inspired’, therefore they will only change their orientation from a Negative Soul to a Positive Soul when “THEY” choose to. And if it’s so much easier to take it from others than having to work hard for it themselves then why would they need to change?

The best ways to cope with being in a Relationship with a Negative Soul is to establish clear boundaries and make time for self care and self nurturing away from the Negative Soul. You could also mimic back to them their own behavior as Negative Souls really dislike it when others do the same back to them. The risk of this is that you could turn into a negative soul yourself if you do it for too long so I don’t recommend this as a long term option.

Promote healthy relationships. Where both people are able to access energy for themselves and when their cups are completely full then they are able to share this energy with each other.

Love and Light

Carla Savannah

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