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What is The Dark Night of the Soul?

Posted on 23 January, 2019 at 9:00

It’s a term often used within the Spiritual community to describe when someone is going through a period of transformation. Like the Caterpillar that turns into the chrysalis not knowing whether it will be able to come out on the other side a Butterfly. The caterpillar literally is faced with the risk and fear of death in order to transform into a butterfly.

This often happens when someone has had an initial trigger such as a mystical experience, traumatic event, near death experience or a loss of someone they love. They go through a period of questioning everything they have ever known to be real or meaningful. It’s like a state of depression one can fall into where they no longer feel as though they have any purpose or meaning to their lives. It can feel like you’re stuck drowning in quick sand clueless as to how to get out. There’s so much darkness, no clarity as to what the future will bring.

The most common emotions and feelings that come up are sadness, confusion, anxiety, numbness to life and most of all extreme lethargy. What once made you feel good you no longer feel drawn to. Your natural spark feels like it’s been blown out. On a daily basis you may attract constant challenges be it change of job, relationship break downs, health issues, financial issues and losses. You feel as though you just can’t keep up with all the changes. Sometimes even suffer insomnia at all hours of the morning due to constant overthinking.

This can last anything from months to even years depending on how big you perceived that initial trigger to be. When it’s due to psychological trauma or spiritual researching it should be dealt with and overcome slowly like peeling away layers of an onion in order to minimize a prolonged state of depression. This is a time to be delicate and compassionate with yourself.

The best ways to overcome this state is either remain present and observe your feelings as they arise or finding the next best emotion that provides even just the smallest amount of relief and work your way up from there, with the intention of moving up on the emotional scale towards more positive emotions. Understanding that this is the path towards becoming a more awakened and enlightened version of yourself. Like the Butterfly. As you Evolve each time you go through it gets easier and quicker. You understand what’s happening and simply treat it as just another episode of integration, transformation or upgrading from the old you into the new you. Just like an old iPhone trying to adjust to the newest software update. Trust that you won’t malfunction, you’re just needing time to adjust to the new knowledge and information coming in. ~ Carla Savannah

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