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Why Women struggle to Awaken and stay awake

Posted on 2 December, 2018 at 20:35

As Women we often seem to question our spirituality and ability to be enlightened. Continually wondering to ourselves “Am I doing it right, am I getting it right?, maybe I need to study more.” In most cases I can diagnose the problem immediately because it’s very often due to hormones. Let me explain.

Women from a young age, and this is a generalization but, Women dream about their Wedding day, who they will marry and how many children they’re going to have. They have this fantasy that they will meet their “Soul mate” and live happily ever after. When it doesn’t work out this way we spend our lives in this constant search for what we deem to be “true love”.


The problem is that we are still driven by hormones which in turn causes emotions to consistently arise. We are actually programmed this way to ensure the survival of our species. When the biological system (hormones) control our body and mind it’s like we’re being hijacked by our emotions, and logical, rational thinking is no longer available to us. We continue to react emotionally within every situation and lack clarity in our thinking. This constant pre-occupation with our physical needs and the survival of our species, which is what the most primative reptillian part of our brain is designed to govern, some call this the Ego Mind is active we are unable to focus on our spiritual higher mind self.


Great spiritual teachers believe that most Women only have access to their truest clairvoyance skills and intuition when finding that perfect relationship or the insatiable need to have children or mother something is no longer controlling them. Often this is over the 40’s. Even when a younger child is born with these gifts of seeing, commonly in their teen years when hormones begin to control their desires these gifts can diminish or completely go dormant when hormones take over. Forcing them back into a sleep from their truest spiritual self.


More often Women who are in a settled relationship and know that they no longer want to have any more children, OR independent Women who never intended to have a committed relationship or have never wanted to have any children these Women are the ones who seem to be the most FREE to access their higher selves. Being Free of the constant search for love and validation encourages their desire to look inwards for this love and validation instead. They don’t walk around radiating the energy of “I’m needy and desperate”, which often a Man can sniff out these Women instantly and run the opposite direction. These confident, Independent Women are able to reach enlightenment and access their spiritual gifts more readily, without distractions.

So ask yourself, Are you still being controlled by your emotions? Is the biological system that you are currently animating hijacking your thinking mind? When a situation comes up that triggers an emotion within you are you able to process and rationalize your thoughts or do you get sucked into a snowball other emotions and reactions?


Now i'm not saying that emotions are wrong. Emotions play a very important role in our physical survival, but in the world of spirit and energy, Emotions are completely irrelevant, because when we cross over the endocrine system (the part of our body that controls the release of these hormones) is no longer necessary. This is simply a feature of the Physical, biological, Human body which is shed when we cross over to spirit realm.

Remember that no one can fix you and no one is stopping you. Only you can help yourself.


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