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Carla's Blog

Is modern spirituality becoming a Religion all of its own?

Posted on November 18, 2018 at 8:15 PM

As a young child being raised in Catholic schools it used to shock me how robotic people can be. I would sit at the back of the church watching people follow orders for an hour. Stand up. Sit down. Kneel down. I didn’t understand how this whole series of things made me a better person? And what if on the other part of the world people didn’t know this robotic sequence would they have any hope of being saved? Yes from a young age I questioned everything.

As time has passed I’ve seen humanity turn from all the Dogmas of Religion slowly towards other rituals in the hope of feeling good. People who became fed up with the restrictions of Religion turned to ways of finding relief through various Spiritual practices. Whether its meditation, crystals, singing bowls and so much more. We simply found another set of rituals to replace the rituals that became boring to us. Watching a Yoga class, Meditation class or even a workout can look just as robotic as standing in the back of a church.


Now I’m not bagging spiritual rituals, so please take care to understand what I’m trying to explain. The main reason why people are attracted to Religion or Spirituality is for a sense of comfort or relief. Often what initially drew us to these things was the fact that we were in a time in our life when things got rough, we get divorced, we’ve lost a loved one, our business has gone bankrupt or became unhealthy physically or mentally. We use Religion and Spirituality as a form of escapism from the pain we were feeling at the time.


The beauty of Religion and Spirituality also is the fact that it provides a sense of community and belonging. Being a social species this obviously is a big attraction. Finding others who think the same and act the same makes us feel connected to something bigger.


Humans are completely unaware of their innate desire to move towards a Hive mind mentality. Just like bees, ants, some species of fish and birds. Some species function so well as a collective they build entire cities in complete harmony. Our desire and ultimate goal which is to become part of the collective consciousness of Humanity and be able to tap into the Hive mind at will can make us lose our sense of individuality. It can make us abdicate our personal responsibility for searching for personal truth.

If we are constantly searching for somewhere to belong or someone to copy we may veer off the path of self-discovery all together. Like sheep just following each other. I propose that people look at their rituals very closely and ask themselves why they think this is the way it should be performed. Is it because they’ve been taught this way or because they’ve trialed many different ways and found this to work best for them? There’s no right or wrong way to do ritual. There’s simply your way!

Source energy or God, whatever you’d like to call it, has the desire to expand, learn and evolve. Source isn’t interested in experiencing the same old boring patterns over and over again. Source is interested in that small percentage of difference and individuality you provide the collective. That’s why you were given FREE WILL. This makes the experience stay interesting and makes source energy feel as though there is still something to be learnt.


Religion, Spirituality or any rituals are great stepping stones, there’s a lot of value in having these as an entry point to developing consciousness, but how can you express yourself individually within this Hive mind or collective consciousness of Humanity? Question yourself are you simply escaping one ritual do another? AND Have you realized yet that what’s at the heart of your search is something that was there all along already! You are already a part of something bigger. You don’t have to do anything it’s already there!

Categories: Consciousness, Self Development

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