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Understanding Karma

Posted on 3 November, 2018 at 3:30

Sadly, most people don’t understand how Karma works and use it to explain why bad things happen to themselves or others. In reality Karma is so much more complex than this and it can actually be more liberating than you think.


No matter what you are doing every minute of the day you are making choices, be it to sit on the couch, eat a certain food, ignore someone, overwork, everything you do. There is an energy behind every choice you make. For example imagine a friend asks you to meet up for a coffee when you really don’t feel like it yet you say yes because you feel obligated to. That sense of obligation will attract more situations into your life where you feel more of a sense of obligation.

The world is a physical mirror projection of what you choose. Karma simply turns your choices into a consequence right in front of your face simply so you can physically see what you are manifesting or creating.

The great news about this is that Karma serves us beautifully when we make positive choices especially if they are based around our personal Soul’s gifts of expressing itself. Karma, in this case actually becomes highly protective of us! Making positive choices around our Divine self-expression essentially puts us in a very safe Karmic bubble where the universe will reflect back to us endless possibilities without getting a scratch on us.


Now I know what the next question is that you will ask, why does someone manifest abuse or an illness. To answer this, the Karma playing out needs to be looked at deeper into either family genetic choices, past life patterns or the collective consciousness/thinking which a child is born into. The less ability they have to make choices for themselves the more susceptible they are to people around them influencing their choices. Ultimately they weren’t able to make many choices for themselves. Therefore, they end up living out the Negative Unjust Karma that isn’t necessarily theirs. Ultimately the sooner a person has the opportunity to take control over their own choices the sooner they are able to create Positive Karma for themselves.


Have you ever wondered why some people can do the craziest things and they just seem to always get away with it. These people have generated and accumulated a lot of Positive Karma. Remember that if you can’t see a pattern then it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a pattern there present. Essentially we are living inside the very system we are trying to understand. It would be impossible for a fish to explain what Water looks like.


So often you hear people say when something negative happens “Oh I must have attracted this” or “They must have attracted what they got” But you rarely see someone pat themselves on the back and say when something positive happens “Yay Me!! I created that!” It’s great that a person takes responsibility for their choices because this is where the key to their power lies. But the important distinction is to shift out of the pattern on Victimization to Karma, rather use it to empower you. It’s not your fault it’s your right to create the life you want through choice.


Once we become conscious of this, life becomes a joyful experience where we are no longer afraid of what can happen to us. Accumulate and stay in the flow of Positive Karma and the universe will go out of its way to protect you and give you everything you desire.

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