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Not everyone is ready to question their reality

Posted on 15 September, 2018 at 2:15

I used to think I was living in a world full of sleepy people. In reality that’s not too far from the truth. You see people going about their day in a Robotic fashion saying “Hi how are you?” but not sticking around for the answer while the other person walks away in a faded “Good thanks”

Once while in church as a kid I was right at the back watching from a wide view all these people standing, sitting, kneeling upon demand. This was a surreal thing to experience from a broad perspective. It was like a well-oiled machine working away diligently. I caught myself for a moment thinking “What if I just choose not to copy? What would the consequences be of being different?”

At that point I wanted to shake everyone. From a young age I was on a mission to awaken the world! Never considering for a moment that most people are actually just comfortable in their robotic way of being. Simply going to work 9am-5pm, Eat, sleep, excrete, have sex and getting as safely as possible to death.


I spent years testing my boundaries, studying and researching Psychology, Religions, Spirituality and Energetic Science. All in the hope that one day I would have all the tools to be able to open everyone’s mind enough to question their own reality and the rules or patterns they live by. I’ve always been known as one who speaks her truth too quickly without thinking. That’s got me in trouble a few times, even my teenager says I have not filter.

At a family event recently I happened to speak too openly about numerological patterns and face reading. Something I know fairly well and my observations weren’t well received. You know what they say “Nobody is a prophet in their home town”. Family will always see you as that trouble making kid no matter what age you are. You can be a 40yo Woman and the minute your parent walks in the room you feel like a kid again. Anyways, this was a great experience for me. I finally understood that not everyone can consider anything outside of this reality.

Eric Pepin teaches there are the Red Cells in the body (The Laborers) and the White Cells (the one’s that actually learn to fight viruses). So I thought about how I was going to survive as a White Cell in a world dominated by robotic Red Cells. The answer is quite simple. Like a Wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’ll act like a Red Cell. Never stirring up too much trouble, go about my life silently in order avoid anyone feeling uncomfortable with who I am. I’ll only allow my truest self to come out with like-minded people. This doesn’t mean I have to stop being myself it just means I can only be myself with those who can accept who I am, and the best thing I can do for them is accept them for the way they are.


In conclusion not everyone is ready to awaken. Let people be as they are. Trust me, when a breakdown starts to happen amongst the Red Cells it will be the White Cells that will have the strength and initiative to clean up the red cell’s mess. Until then preserve your energy only for those who actually want your help. The way I see it people exchange a value for my time, I don’t need to offer my time to those whom don’t value it.

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