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The practicalities of Manifesting

Posted on 13 September, 2018 at 23:05

The spiritual communities always talk about the Law of Attraction and manifesting but in reality for the average person not into all this woo woo stuff it’s all non-sense. So here’s a way of explaining how it all works in simple layman’s terms.

Imagine you’re at a restaurant looking at the Menu options. You look at the Salads and think “Do I want a salad?” then your emotional body remembers the taste, texture and feeling (based on your past experience and knowledge of course) of a salad, then your mind responds “No, actually I don’t feel like a salad I feel like something more solid” So you quickly release that thought or feeling out of your energy field and continue to look at the menu. This time you consider a pasta. Same thing happens a thought or picture of pasta may appear in your head and you try that on emotionally to see whether Pasta is the experience you’re wanting to have instead. If you’re still unsure you hold that thought/feeling in your energy field and continue looking at the Menu. Say you come across a Steak dish and think to yourself “Do I want a steak?” again you try on that feeling and you may decide No, it’s not a steak that you feel like. At this stage the most enticing option that has remained in your energy field is a pasta. So once you’ve made a decision the last step is to Physically manifest your wish in this 3rd Dimensional reality. You call the waiter over and say “I would like a Pasta Carbonara Please!” and a few minutes later the waiter physically brings you a Pasta. Well done you’ve just physically manifested your wish.

Now I know this is simplifying everything knowing that some things can be harder to manifest than others, but the concept really is the same. Here are the steps again simpler still:

Step 1 – Scroll through the menu of life for possible experiences you wish to have

Step 2 – Make the choice of what you are wanting to experience

Step 3 – Energize your desire by finding all the steps you can take to get it.

Step 4 – Physically take action steps towards your desired outcome

I’ve found through experience with clients that it’s usually the last 2 steps people struggle with most. Let’s look at step 3 for a moment. People often know what they want and don’t want to experience but rarely take the time to sit and contemplate what actions they may need to take to move towards their desire. Often it’s as simple as calling over the waiter and asking for it. Usually by the time people get to this step they’ve given so much thought about what they want and desire that their thought form is so well grounded in their energy field, it may even be energetically palpable to others already. The more you feed a desire the more substance it has to it. Others can already sense your desire from a mile away. Example. Have you ever noticed those Woman who are desperate for children, even if they don’t say anything by step 3 a Man can sense their desire immediately.

The hardest step of all is Step 4!! This is where everyone thinks ok I’ve done the work. I know what I want now universe give it to me!! And nothing happens. Of course because no actual PHYSICAL ACTION has been taken! Once most of the planning work is done people must physically ground their desires through action in this 3rd dimensional reality. Thoughts and emotions in the 4th Dimensional reality is not enough to physically manifest here in the physical world. This means picking up that phone to make that phone call, posting that letter, applying for that loan or actually doing that physical exercise! A decision hasn’t actually been made unless you’re DOING it. Less thinking, more doing!

I did a short course with an amazing teacher Eesha Patel ( called the 5 Day money challenge. Now this was a rare free online event she kindly offered her precious time to, and people showed up as they wished. I noticed towards the last day when it came to the actual most important step which is grounding the work (my step 4) more viewers at this point were struggling to check in. Why? Because usually this is the part of the manifesting process that most people will come up against resistance. This is where the real changes need to take place and people have to become accountable for their actions. This requires commitment to their desire. Only a very small handful can actually reap the full benefits of such an amazing teacher’s work, and the other’s might wonder where they are getting stuck. Unfortunately, Only after taking some action will people actually be able to evaluate whether the consequences are in alignment with their actual desire. Without action it’s like standing at the beginning of a bowling alley and refusing to through the ball. Never really committing anything, never acting on the decision and never getting any results.

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