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Why prophets get killed

Posted on 2 September, 2018 at 18:45

We are a social species designed to function as a whole, there must be order within the chaos. Just look at the Cars on the road are organized and obeying the road rules or the lines at the bank or shopping center. We are moving towards a Hive mind like Bees and Ants functioning as a whole for a common purpose.

Since young we were taught to conform. Suppress our urge to be different. Parents said “That’s not appropriate behaviour”, School taught us to fit in with the norm, Religion taught us that if we didn’t conform we’d be punished. These days even modern spirituality, the very thing that’s supposedly trying to awaken us Is teaching us what we can and can’t do.

Scientific experiments like the 100th Monkey theory (Where a monkey learnt to wash a potato before eating it sparked all species of that monkey around the world to wash potatoes before eating them even when they hadn’t had any interaction with each other) these experiments are showing us that we are growing collectively at a rapid rate. We are now becoming conscious of the societal cage we are living in.

What if there was a loophole out of this controlled society, what if one of the Monkeys found a way out of the Cage? Movies like The Runner, Hunger games and even the Simpson’s movie have eluded to this for years. Could that Monkey keep quiet within the Cage and continue functioning, still with its knowledge of escape, in order to not stir up a huge chaos amongst its species?

But!! What if that Monkey chose to show others how to escape? This Monkey could become a real nuisance to the collective program. Likewise, if a human showed any way of being able to hack this reality and escape from it they immediately set off a Radar onto them! They are a seen as a threat to the order and functioning of the species. We couldn’t have everyone stealing and fighting for food and not paying attention to road rules after all! This place would be a mess if it was each to their own without consideration for others. How would we find order again once bitten from that apple of knowledge.

The collective Ego of our species is scared of the unknown, so anyone who shows any miraculous or extraordinary abilities is either exiled or eliminated, simply look at most of the prophets. Silent observation would have saved their lives. If only they had taken the care to share their gifts with a smaller group of worthy humans.

The answer to all of this is simply OBSERVE and stay alert within the Cage! Live with that knowledge of escape quietly within in you. Accept the Cage as a part of your current journey knowing that when the time is right you may escape if you need to. Help others cope with living within the Cage but whatever you do DON’T show them the way out. You can tell them not to lose hope, acknowledge that there is a way out but the way is very personal to each unique individual. Let them find their own way out! But whatever you do don’t be the one to show them the way out. (wink wink)

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