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Arguments with the Ego

Posted on 2 September, 2018 at 2:40

Do these kind of battles happen in your mind daily?

Me: Maybe i should lose weight…

Ego: But Why? That's too hard and requires so much effort and changes

Me: Maybe i should express myself more

Ego: Now why would you go and do a stupid thing like that? What will people think?

Me: I need some more independence and me time

Ego: I'll tell your Husband!!

Me: I really should get the kids doing more for themselves

Ego: But then they won't need us anymore!

Me: Maybe i should start up some empowering videos

Ego: Then you’'ll be seen and criticised by everyone, i can't keep you safe from that many people.

Me: Maybe i should just learn how to quieten my mind

Ego: Well i'’m just going to pretend i didn't hear that!

Me: I feel like doing something adventurous

Ego: Don't be ridiculous??

Me: I need to get rid of my Ego

Ego: DELETE that one!!

Me: I really should be more kind, loving and generous

Ego: Ok Now you're losing it! Everyone will see you as a push over and take advantage of you!

Disagreements like these are more common than you think! Your Ego appoints itself the Governor of your physical survival! It’s very instinctual and designed to keep you in what is known and predictable to it. This is how it perceives that it can keep you safe.

So what happens when you challenge your Ego and consider making some changes? Well your Ego will get as creative as possible to try and stop you of course. Why would you be silly enough to go out and do something different when the outcome could be too unpredictable after all.

Problem is, if you keep doing the same things over and over again it’s safe to assume that you’re always going to get the same consequences and never grow as a person. A friend once said to me “You can’t keep mixing the same chemicals expecting to get different results.” And in my experience this is totally true.

If you’re wanting to manifest something new in your life I invite you to ask yourself a question, What would you do or change if what others thought of you didn’t bother you? Once you have a list of possibilities go through each of them and ask yourself What can you do to help yourself detach from the outcome in this situation? This is a great way to bypass all the Ego’s discomfort and fear around what you do. You are taming the “Instinctual Reactions” and acting from a place of common sense, with no emotional hormones from the Ego to control you.

From this place your Ego has no leverage over you and you can make an informed decision. So have the Courage to stand up to your Ego, let it simply give you the little alert that its designed to do, thank your Ego for bringing it to your attention and just go ahead and do what you’re Soul inspired to do anyways. Remember that the difference between us and animals is that small space of silence to think between what is happening and what we choose to do! That little gap is where magical decisions can take place!

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