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Qualification Vs Experience - What Career Path is right for you?

Posted on 28 July, 2018 at 1:45

I was Spray tanning at a Salon one evening and knowing me as one not to pass up an opportunity to chat to someone on my break, I approached a client whom was getting her hair done. I took the chance to tell her about my first book “How do I know when I’m ready to have kids?” after some chit chat the lady said “and what makes you qualified to write about this subject?” in a very blunt way. Every part of my being felt like saying “All my experience in life and parenting actually!!” however, when I took a moment to process her prood energy and assertive body language I nearly felt intimidated enough to ask her what answer she wanted me to give her, but I knew that wasn’t going to go down well.

This Lady was wanting me to give her a formal Qualification, so that’s what I politely gave her, I answered “I have my Diploma in Professional Counselling with a majors in Relationship and conflict resolution and Dysfunctional family counselling, and I’m working on my third major of Grief and Loss Counselling.

I was slightly upset at myself for not having the confidence to give the answer I really wanted to but mostly sad that my experiences and suffering with Post Natal Depression wasn’t a good enough “qualification” to give me rights to write a book about the importance of conscious pre-parenting.

I wanted to address this subject because society teaches that if we don’t have a high status or formal qualification then what we’re writing about is not valuable advice. I’d like to think that people would like to get parenting advice from someone who’s experienced the challenges of parenting.

Furthermore, I have noticed that, and this is just my opinion, that people who become most successful in their careers are those who implement what they faced or been drawn to from a young age. So their career path actually starts to unfold naturally quite early on. A few examples are: Someone who grew up within a dysfunctional family may be drawn to Counselling. Someone who’s experienced people around them losing lots of teeth may be drawn to dental work. Someone who’s parents are within the justice department or even into criminal activity may be interested in studying law. Someone who’s grown up with a strong connection to animals may choose to become a Vet. I believe that you are slowly being conditioned or getting clues from a very young age, moving you towards what you should be working within.

So while a Qualification generally is necessary, don’t look past all the ‘experience’ in your life that has led you to this point. Acknowledge all the clues within your childhood up until now, little memories that made a difference and stayed with you, little lessons you learnt, when you were doing something for the love of doing it knowing that you weren’t going to get paid for it. That’s your calling.

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