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Love your curves

Posted on 20 July, 2018 at 9:10

Having done a lot of Spray Tanning, I once had a lady come in once that just blew me away. She was a curvy lady but boy was her charisma more curvy. Her energy was so beautiful it’s hard to put into words how she lit up the room with her smile. She said to me “I’m big, fat and beautiful and I don’t care what you think you still have to spray tan my big hairy Poonani!” She laughed and made me laugh along with her! Her confidence and acceptance of herself radiated through her pores! Out of the thousands of clients I’ve tanned in my lifetime she was one that stuck in my mind and she makes me smile to this day every time I think of her.

The more I spray tanned the more every “body” just looked like a body to me and the more indifferent I became to the image of the human body. Interestingly this rubbed off on me because I began to notice that I could go for weeks without looking in the mirror. I began to care less about what people thought about me and my appearance.

I used to do Capeira, a Brazilian form of martial arts and do Samba dancing. If you know anything about Brazil, you'll know that they just love and celebrate the human body. The bigger the butt the better which was great for me. My daughter used to call me Gloria the hippopotomus from Madagascar and it phased me less and less. I just didn’t see myself that way.

With Spray tanning my self-confidence grew as I learned to love and respect every shape and size of a Woman. Seldom do I look in the mirror and see myself as overweight and feel the urge to diet for the purpose of losing weight. I’m the opposite of Anorexia. Whenever i watch my diet now it's simply for health purposes not to keep an eye on the scales. 

My lesson! Love your unique body. You only get one! If you constantly compare yourself to everyone else you may never be happy within your own skin. I imagine that not being happy within yourself or in your own company must be one of the most painful things to have to live with on a daily basis. After all, if you don’t love yourself why should anyone else?

Carla Savannah

Categories: Personal Growth, Self Development

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