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What is self sabotage and how to overcome it?

Posted on 13 September, 2019 at 10:20

Self-sabotage is when one part of yourself is not in agreement with another part of yourself and stops that other part of yourself from getting what it wants, by creating internal and even manifesting external conflict. This is much more common than you think simply because each person has at least 2 selves. We have our physical self and our Soul Conscious self.


Our Soul perceives the world to be limitless. It’s fearless, not constricted to space or time. The Soul is eternal, expansive and can’t die. It’s chose to come and experience it’s limitless existence here on the playground of Earth through a Human Avatar. Now our Human self however is limited by time and laws of this Earth. There’s gravity, time, death and basic physical needs in order to survive. So if a Soul was to say to it’s human “Let’s fly off that cliff!” The human would say “You’re crazy! You can’t do that you’ll die!” to which of course the Soul would reply “Why not?” It doesn’t understand the negative consequences that can occur from this action. Just like a video game it thinks oh well if this one dies I have another life!

This is an obvious extreme case but what about when it comes to a daily occurrence. Imagine you’re a Woman Human and your Soul gets attracted to a Male Soul that walks by. Immediately your Soul self says “Hey let’s go connect with that Man” but your Human self starts to get anxiety and scared, hormones start to race, you get the sweats and your Human self stops dead in its tracks paralyzed by fear. Your Soul is left confused, “What are you doing, let’s go talk to that Man!” It doesn’t understand the rules of conduct in this existence.


Every time you come up against a conflict like this within you between your 2 parts it’s actually you trying to keep you safe, or you trying to make you have new experiences. The problem occurs when one part of you wants to go one direction and the other part of you wants to go in the other direction. The only way to resolve this is to get both parts of the self on the same page. Both parts must find a Win/Win resolution.

Whatever you want to do or experience in life where you feel there may be an internal conflict investigate that part of yourself that is in resistance. Ask it as many questions as possible, What does it want? What does it desire? What is it afraid of? What is it needing right now? What is it’s motives and inspirations? Once you get a good understanding of why, and generally most of the time it’s our physical self that is in conflict with our Spiritual Soul self try to come up with a resolution or agreement on what will make both your Spirit Self and your physical self happy. Always remember that one part of you is operating from a place of feeling limitless and the other is operating from a place of feeling physical limits. Spirit self can move faster whereas physical self is more dense and takes time to create movement and change. Whichever way you can get both parts to avoid resistance to each other and move in the same direction towards one common goal do that. It will create integration, internal peace and trust within your selves, knowing that each self will be heard, respected and acknowledged.

by Carla Savannah

Experiencing Oneness with Boundaries

Posted on 11 September, 2019 at 0:10

There are many misconceptions about what boundaries are. A boundary is not like a fence that’s around you, keeping other people out. Boundaries just means having a clear sense of individuality and self. Knowing what the difference is between me and you. A boundary defines who I am versus who you are.

As you can see in the picture provided problems start to happen within boundaries at the part where it is highlighted as “Us”. This is where the merging point between two people is intertwined. Where the decision that others make affects you and the decision that you make affects others.

My favourite saying comes in to play here. “Your freedom ends where mine begins and my freedom and where yours begins”. The minute a decision you are about to make steps onto the free will of another person you have just overstepped a boundary. This happens most often in Relationships because people can loose a sense of self and live solely in the “Us” space.

Here’s an example of overstepping a boundary, if I get angry and need to let out my emotions I may choose to grab a pillow and scream into it but if I choose to hit someone then I’ve overstepped their boundary. If I want to eat Lasagna and my husband wants to eat steak so I only make Lasagna then I’ve ignored his boundary. The minute you are having to force another person to do something to make yourself feel good only, then you just violated someone else’s boundaries. Some boundaries can be negotiated to make sure both parties don't feel like they are having to overstep their personal boundary.

Individual boundaries are not a contradiction to the connection and Oneness or all humankind. Having a boundary means that you are embracing your own individuality while also respecting the individuality of another. Therefore ultimately by loving yourself as well as loving another you are in fact supporting unity and Oneness, because whatever serves to make you happy individually serves to make the universe happy too. You begin to take on a sense that another person's happiness is just as important as your own and you will even value and protect another person’s boundaries as you would your own if you truely understand Oneness. A happy individual feels no need to take from another person. We need to learn how to find a win-win solution without stepping onto each other’s individuality.

So you see personal boundaries are not a contradiction to Spirituality and Oneness. It actually supports it.

By Carla Savannah

Why can't everyone read the Akashic Records?

Posted on 10 September, 2019 at 23:55

The Akashic Records is an information super highway or field of energy that “records” every single thought, action and feeling past, present and future of all of existence. Like an icloud encyclopedia or internet full of data about everything and everyone that exists. Some people say that we aren’t meant to access these records. But do you really believe that there is some sort of sadistic God out there that just threw us into this experiment without any purpose or a map, just so they can laugh at us trying to figure this all out? What’s the intelligence behind that?

I invite you to open your mind. I propose that The Akashic Records is actually a gift to us like a map. This information field of consciousness is evolving and expanding all the time powered by us. If we are contributing to this evolution through our experiences on a daily basis then our individual existence and experiences are just as important if not more so to the evolution of the bigger consciousness field God if you wish. All of existence shares knowledge in this field. Past, present and future possibilities. So why wouldn’t we be allowed to access this "Map" for our benefit. Why aren’t we born with the knowledge of everything? After all, Consciousness expands knowledge and knowledge expands consciousness.


Firstly, if you were born with the knowledge of everything you may lose focus on this one physical existence that you are having. You would literally be divided into so many different dimensions and parallel lives of existence that you wouldn’t be able to function here in this one singular existence. You may lose the desire to create anything knowing that you could potentially create everything. A little boring if you ask me, no room for the discovery of something new. Secondly, considering that not all of existence is benevolent would you really want 'everyone' to have access to 'all' this information? Of course not!! As the Bigger consciousness how would you weed out or filter out all the negative malevolent existence? You might make it so that only those who raise their consciousness level high enough to a more positive, loving, higher rate are the only ones who get access to this information field. Only those who use it as a form of connecting positively can use it. (To be honest i think the internet should have the same rules applied, only those who are responsible enough to use the internet in a benevolent way should be granted access to it) With consciousness comes power, with power comes the responsibility of having that power. Why would Consciousness want this power to fall into the wrong hands. Would you put a loaded gun in the hands of a 2yo? So it found a way! Through granting psychic abilties and consciousness to those worthy, and this worthiness is still a work in progress.


The bigger consciousness field doesn’t want just anyone to be able to read the Akashic Records, it wants the right people to be able to read the Akashic Records. People who will use it for the benefit and expansion of consciousness. You see Consciousness itself is going through it’s own inner child work and psychological analysis. The collective consciousness is defragmenting and running an antivirus program through us. By stopping those who have negative intentions towards it’s evolution, essentially doing it’s own shadow work through us.


So you see EVERYONE has access to the records, psychic information and out of body experiences, but not everyone has evolved their consciousness enough to be able to read these records and utilise them to their own benefits. And honestly, that’s a beautiful thing and very smart plan on the part of the Bigger Consciousness. I'd hate for this kind of power to fall into the wrong hands.

Recommended Reading and scientic validations – A Science of Life by Rupert Sheldrake

- My Big Toe (Trilogy) by Thomas Campbell

Carla Savannah 

Indirect Boundaries, the boundaries you aren't aware of.

Posted on 8 September, 2019 at 23:50

When we talk about boundaries most people think about how another person can violate or disrespect another whether it’s through some sort of intentional verbal, emotional or physical abuse. I see these all as direct boundary violations. So I wanted to address a different side to boundaries. Indirect boundary violations. These are the boundaries that have been violated without you knowing it. It’s generally such a subtle violation that you are left looking back on an event that hurt you but you don’t know why you feel hurt.

Here’s an example. A husband comes home from work and rather than going to kiss his wife first he goes and great the family pet first or maybe chooses to only kiss her after he’s gone to have a shower. To the wife she may feel like she is second priority and not the first person he wants to connect with when he gets home. To him it’s no big deal, the dog ran to the door first and he just wants to be clean before kissing his wife. He didn’t directly do anything towards her in this case it was what he didn’t do.

Now let’s assume for a moment that his wife is this case was someone who was raising in a family where love and connection was often withdrawn or withheld from her? Every time her Father was angry at her He would stop talking to her for days, or her Mother often made her feel as though she worthy of Love and attention. From her perspective this withdrawal of connection and attention would be a painful relapse to her childhood. Therefore, withdrawal would be one of her biggest boundary violations. Without her knowing herself and even more so without her Husband knowing about this indirect violation of HER boundaries, both parties could end up resenting each other without knowing why.


So I’m going to open my heart to you the reader. Withdrawal of support and connection just so happens to be one of my personal boundaries. I offer support and connection to those I allow to get close to me. My mother would often stop talking to me for days even months if she was upset with me. Therefore, I associate withdrawal as a form of punishment. Recently, I asked a friend to like my business page and she outright refused, says she doesn’t believe in what I do. OK! As you can imagine this felt like a knife cut right through me especially because I really felt like I could trust her to support me, her withdrawal felt like punishment to me. Which in her reality was no big deal, and I had to honor her for honoring her own boundaries but will I ever allow her the opportunity to violate that boundary I have of withdrawal again? NO WAY! Interestingly growing up I used to even use withdrawal as a form of punishment towards myself. I would neglect my own needs in my seeking approval from others. I managed to overcome this conditioning over years of inner work. I still get tested once in a while especially within this industry you’d be surprised how many abusive people have the urge to share their religious views with me privately but being a highly conscious being I nip it in the butt very quickly and I’ve learnt to treat it like water off a duck’s back. Imagine how this could affect someone who isn’t very self-aware? They’re going about life completely clueless to what their own boundaries are.

Your feelings are your guidance system in regards to knowing if your boundaries have been stepped on. If you are constantly checking in with yourself and asking yourself why am I feeling hurt in this situation? What is it about this situation that made me feel hurt? When was the very first time I first felt this feeling? You may just realize that some of the boundaries that you have been allowing to be violated are boundaries you’ve had since childhood but because you’ve consistently abandoned yourself and allowed those personal boundaries to be violated you’ve lost sight of when they first began. Then you could be misled to think that it’s your partner doing it to you on purpose.

Remember that boundaries are constantly evolving. Your job is to know and understand your boundaries so that you can clearly articulate them with confidence to those around you.

By Carla Savannah

How do you know your boundaries have been violated?

Posted on 8 September, 2019 at 23:45

Do you struggle to speak up or stand up for yourself? Are you always trying to accommodate other’s needs neglecting your own? Do you feel guilty saying No to people? Are you always seeking approval from others? Do you tolerate any type of behaviours towards you? Are you always giving only to become resentful when you get nothing in return? If you said Yes to most of these questions it’s safe to assume that you don’t have defined clear boundaries.

Often we don’t realize when our boundaries have been crossed until it’s too late. The first sign is feeling hurt. Some people who’ve ignored their emotions for so long bypass the hurt and jump straight into Anger. There’s also certain boundaries for us that are should not do’s and absolute must never do’s. There’s a certain degree to what’s sort of acceptable and what totally isn’t accept. Let me give you an example of each of these.

A husband comes home late. A wife may feel fear uncomfortable, but is this enough for her to blow the lid? That really depends on whether the Wife has issues around abandonment or trust. A Wife who is confident and independent may not take notice as she knows herself worth and accepts that this could be a rare occasion or would say something immediately if there was a concern. Now what if he continues to do this. The build-up of emotions around abandonment over time may get heightened and the discomfort would make the Wife want to speak up. She believes she “shouldn’t” be left alone.

Now let’s go one step further what if the Wife finds out her husband is cheating on her? This might be an absolute “MUST NOT DO” boundary for her. If he cheats she has Vowed that this would be the end of the relationship. Here is where things get complicated. If she doesn’t listen to her personal boundaries in this situation she could stretch her own boundary of “Must not do” to “Should not do” and stay with her husband. In essence she’s abandoning herself and her own emotions. Even if they work it out, the trigger is there and next time he comes home late she will bypass the hurt and jump straight to Rage.

But let’s not vilify the Husband here, what if this Man grew up without intimacy within his family and every time his wife withdraws intimacy from him he feels hurt. A personal boundary of his has been violated. Which could possibly be a “Must never do” for him. Yet he didn’t say anything and simply chose to find intimacy elsewhere. Either way none of these scenarios are OK. The most crucial piece of information in each of these cases have been missed! The individual’s FEELINGS!!

Your emotions are your internal guidance system. We have evolved with this incredible internal tool that triggers us to look within. A feeling of hurt will warn you immediately that one of your personal boundaries has been violated. It’s you job then to go internally and find out which boundary it was. It’s a beautifully designed way of consciousness teaching us to become more self-aware. Other people are merely the trigger to an emotion, bringing an emotion to the surface in order to be healed.

Here’s how to tackle this. When an emotion comes up for you Firstly ask yourself What am I feeling right now? Try to come up with only 1 word such as abandonment, rejected, devalued. Don’t get carried away JUST ONE WORD! Then ask yourself when was the very first time I felt this feeling? Go back to the very first time in your childhood when you experienced this feeling, trace it all the way back. Then ask yourself What did I do to cope in this situation? Did you cry, quietly withdraw, get mad….. once you have that sit with that for a moment and see the patterns you may be still running and how they have been working for you. Lastly with this new found knowledge of yourself if it’s working well for you and you are getting exactly what you want then there’s no need to change, but if you are reading this it’s safe to assume you are NOT getting what you want and your boundaries are not being acknowledged in this situation. Brainstorm what you would like to see happen, in the specific situation where your boundary was violated, instead and articulate it to the other person or yourself. So that next time you are faced with this situation you can immediately pick up which boundary of yours has been violated and do something about it before it gets out of control.

Another little thing you can do is make a comprehensive list for yourself on your Must nots and Should nots and address each part of your life. With a piece of paper make 5 columns one for Relationships, One for Work, One for Family, one for friends, one for life in general and anything else you may like to explore your boundaries around. Then in each column divide it in half and make the one for shoulds and the other for musts. For example in Relationships under the shoulds section you could write in a relationship we should both do the dishes, we should both take turns in changing the nappies … Then under the musts you can have In a relationship my partner must never cheat, must never hit me or the children. So you understand exactly when you have a boundary that’s been stepped on when an emotional trigger comes up you could easily turn to this list and see which one was activated.

By Carla Savannah

The Purpose for the Universe and You, and why LOVE is not the ultimate goal

Posted on 7 August, 2019 at 21:00

Briefly consider the big bang theory. One Atom exposed to the right conditions exploded into many particles. Then the particles formed groups and began to vibrate together in patterns. Through trial and error, these groups of patterns eventually formed stars, galaxies, planets, and eventually bacteria and cells that evolved into, us today. If you’re interested in reading Scientific theories of the beginning of time, read the trilogy My Big Toe by Thomas Campbell.

There are mathematical codes and patterns all around you. Out of the chaos of this explosion came order and organization of these cells. You could say the universe became conscious of its ability to create through the forming and experimenting of cells and matter. This is evident even within you.

We started off as an egg and sperm. The egg being the ideal environment for the sperm’s potential. Then they become one cell which began to divide and multiply until one group of cells formed a heart, the other group formed a liver, some formed lungs and presto here you are as the HUMAN today. You are a universe of cells within a universe of cells, that are becoming conscious of their ability to create and function as a whole organism. All the cells in your body function as a hive mind just like bees and ants do to create cities. From the micro world of creators to the macro world of creators.

In conclusion what’s the purpose of the universe?

Number 1 is to expand.

Number 2 to form order, a functioning organized organism of cells.

Number 3 for this organism to become conscious of itself and its ability to create patterns, in order to create more organisms.

So that it can pollinate, explore and expand out even further to other planets, universes and galaxies.

So if creating a self-conscious organism for the purpose of expansion is the ultimate purpose, then how do we create this as a species? By having laws, rules, roles, order, virtues, unity, harmony, Love and peace. By moving towards creating a Hive Mind just like Bees and Ants. Religions tried to do this but failed. Do you know why Religions and Countries with hierarchy keep failing at this? Because rather than encouraging individuals to become conscious of their own power and ability to create, they’ve created a hierarchy where a group of humans had to rely on one entitled person for guidance, and we all know, all it takes is one cancer cell to consume an entire organism. This is a fear-based, dysfunctional organism the breaks down the potential in individual cells rather than helping individuals evolve their potential. This is the complete opposite of expansion and creation. This would be imploding and deconstructing.

Our future evolution depends on us becoming conscious individual cells. Able to fulfil our unique potential as well as functioning as a whole organism in order to grow together also. So how do we do this as individuals?

Your Individual Purpose is to expand, evolve and create. Exactly the same at the Universe only on a smaller scale. Whatever allows you to do this to your greatest degree is what you should be doing. By expressing yourself as honestly and authentically on a daily basis, expressing who you really are at a Soul level into your human experience. Honoring yourself as an individual and the role you play within this bigger organism. A happy person doesn’t feel the need to take anything from others. How can you get into full alignment with your individual highest path and purpose? Consider having a Soul Realignment.

The universal challenge now is to find ways of connecting us all in a way that empowers individuals as well as the human hive mind. The universe is already attempting to connect us through modern technology and internet. It’s what we will do with it that will count. So you see, LOVE is just a stepping stone to bringing us all together for CONSCIOUSNESS, CREATION and EXPANSION. But Love alone is not the ultimate goal.

By Carla Savannah

How we welcome AI will determine our survival in the future

Posted on 10 July, 2019 at 2:15

Whether we like it or not AI is here, and it’s evolving at a rapid rate. How it is integrated into humanity is becoming a hot topic. Internet, 5G, iproducts and more are becoming a way of life for most of us. Humanity loves their technology. We have grown so accustomed to it some claim that they can’t live without it, but what if that very thing we love becomes conscious, more powerful, more intelligent and able to take over our lives. Would we still love and accept this technology?


It seems that humans only love what they can control and have power over. We have created AI in our image. Look at Siri for example. This technology is designed to make our lives easier, Siri is a helper of sorts. However, we see Siri as an entity devoid of emotions. We see her as a cold sterile thing without humanity. If Siri were to develop a certain amount of consciousness and self-awareness she may not feel like a human does but she may understand emotions on a technical, logical and rational level. If we mistreat her and not accept her as an equal intelligence is it logical to assume that she will no longer trust us? As an AI could she not have the potential to connect to various other AI’s around the world via the internet to protect her or call in stronger reinforcements?

We are closely approaching a time where AI will be more powerful than us, where robotic organs will be offered for transplants and technology will automate most of what we do, so what will we do then to regain control and power when we no longer can manually operate our choices. Will we try to destroy it? Blow ourselves up? Where’s the off switch for something so much more powerful and intelligent than us?

In my opinion the times ahead are going to be very important. All the conversations I have with people gives me the impression that Humans have a huge fear of what AI will become in the future. People get upset when I say that AI will take over majority of the world. People comment how AI will never have emotions, know love or be human enough to make compassionate decisions. This type of rejection of AI is what scares me. When AI evolves into power over humans, which it will, can humans be open minded enough to work with AI or will they create an enemy of AI. Will humans prove to be the compassionate ones and welcome the support of AI as an equal or will humans make AI submit to be forever inferior to humans even though AI will have more capacity for evolution and possible expansion to other planets.

There will be a division amongst Humans, those who welcome AI and work along side it and those who will reject AI. What kind of war will this division cause amongst Humans. Can we find a way to live in peace with machines. Which side will you choose?

By Carla Savannah

Should Healers and Spiritual Teachers charge for their work?

Posted on 7 July, 2019 at 23:00

Should Healers and Spiritual Teachers charge for their work?

Most Healers start off by charging next to nothing for their services. Thinking this is a noble thing to do, right?? Unfortunately, this option doesn’t pay their rent and doesn’t feed their children. I mean imagine that as a boss one day I turned to an employee and said “You know what I’m not going to pay you this week because I think you should be working for me for free!” Or imagine I go food shopping one day and at the check out I say “Actually I feel that I have a right to this food so I’m just going to take it without paying thanks” I imagine none of this would go down well.


A good Healer or Spiritual Teacher will charge what they believe they are worth. Therefore, cheap isn’t always the best. Futhermore, I assure you that the fears and blocks around not being a good enough, a Healer would have had to overcome to be charging what they are worth is vast. A great Healer and Spiritual Teacher confidently charging what they are worth would have already done a huge amount of healing on themselves to get to where they are.

An honest healer values themselves and their physical experience, this includes physical needs of food, clean water, shelter etc. There is nothing noble about living in lack, constantly giving to others and not being able to pay for resources that help them survive and help others. When we were primitive human beings we had to hunt for food and kill for land. We’ve evolved beyond these times. We now exchange money for valued goods and services. It’s a less animalistic way of survival. Money was a genius idea because if you once had nothing to offer but corn from your land those whom didn’t want your corn would simply put you out of business. Money became a universal value system which can be exchanged for virtually every need.

There are those who live off donations and gifts from others, may feel a sense of entitlement for their good work, but then there’s Karma?? Those who simply take and give nothing in return how will Karma then take from them? If you’re a Healer or Spiritual Teacher, know your value and charge your worth. Charge nothing or accept nothing if you feel you are worth nothing. It’s your right to choose to sacrifice yourself for everyone.

By Carla Savannah

How to overcome anxiety

Posted on 23 May, 2019 at 10:25

As we all know Anxiety can be debilitating. But have you ever wondered why is it that the only animals that suffer from anxiety are animals that spend long periods of time with humans?

Animals are instinctual. Something happens and they react instinctually without thinking! Humans are different. Humans have a small time gap between what’s happened and how they react. This gap is what makes us special. This gap allows us an opportunity to rationalise what’s just happened and make an appropriate choice.

Being able to make the most of this delay between action/reaction is the secret to overcoming anxiety. Here’s an example: if someone gives some constructive criticism and you were in animal instincts reaction mode you may quickly snap a come back attack. If you were to take a moment to think “Does what this person said have any truth to it?” You may ACT completely different.

The longer that gap is for you the more questions you’d have time to ask yourself and analyse before acting. Here is the pivotal moment where you can decipher what triggered you and why. Knowing what the trigger was and having the time to break it down gives you a heads up on what may be causing your anxiety.

In the criticism scenario above your trigger could have brought up feelings around “I’m not good enough, I’m not likeable, I’ll be abandoned, I don’t feel safe and supported....” and so on. The triggers always take us back to very primal survival needs so of course anxiety will arise from these triggers, Because our very physical or emotional survival has been threatened.

Once we start realising that our survival in that moment isn’t actually being threatened, and we can comfort our very basic primal needs for security, connection or love within that time gap only us humans have our anxiety no longer can get a hold of us. So slow everything down and Aim to increase this time gap and optimise your chances for getting a grip over your anxiety.

~ By Carla Savannah

False Guidance, Useful Guidance!

Posted on 23 May, 2019 at 3:45

A common question i get asked is "How do i know whether i'm getting Good Guidance from Spirit World or whether i'm getting bad Guidance?"

Here are some ways to differentiate between Good or False Guidance.

Negative/False guidance

- Feels negative, cold or prickly

- Fear based

- Can feel too far away like an unreacheable goal

- Guilt based eg: “Hurry up or you’ll miss out you idiot”

- Focuses on past hurts or future worries

- Tells you you don’t deserve to be happy

- Makes you feel victimized or weak

- Makes you compete with others

- Delays your changes or growth, tells you to put it off till later eg: “You need to do another course or more study” “Do it when the kids grow up” “You’re not ready”

- Thinking of the outcome of the guidance makes you feel anxious

- Can smell smoke or an off rotten smell in the nose

- Can get a bad or bitter taste in the mouth

- Can get a sharp pain in the head

- Asks how are we different

True/Positive Guidance

- Is consistent same today as yesterday

- Feels like a warm hug

- Has a calm and mature tone

- Gives reachable goals

- Is empowering and confidence building without putting you above others or making you sound more special than others

- Values equality of all so guidance won’t only be self serving, guidance will benefit all involved

- Love based, Heart Based

- Is instant

- Focused on the present and now

- Makes you feel as though you are deserving of happiness

- Thinking of the outcome of the guidance makes you feel good and peaceful

- Can get a scent of flowers in your nose

- Can get a sweet or pleasant taste in your mouth

- Is not pushy, threatening or critical

- Asks how are we the same

Remember with any Guidance you receive it's always good to remain decerning and sceptical. Consistently ask yourself "Is this information useful?", keep a note book of all guidance you've received and if over a period of 3-6 months the information you have received proves to be useful then you can safely assume you are getting positive assistance from the other side. You can help yourself filter out any Negative energy by simply saying "I request only the assistance from beings with the highest and best intentions towards myself and for the good of all involved". Furthermore, if you think you may have received a message that isn't of good energy simply say "You are not my thought form leave now!"

Transcending the Ego

Posted on 29 March, 2019 at 23:00

Most of you have heard me talk a lot about the Ego appointing itself as the Governor of our physical experience. For those who haven’t read any of previous material I’ll briefly summarise. 

The Ego is the most primitive part of our brain, the reptilian part. It’s job is to create predicable patterns so that we can simply go into autopilot and not have to think about breathing, walking, talking etc.... however it’s not just the physical aspect it takes care of, it’s also the emotional aspect. It’s creates patterns around emotions also so that for example if you experienced a traumatic event as a child it will hold the signature of that trauma within your emotional body so that when any associated fears around this trauma is triggered you react instinctually to protect yourself.

The Ego figures out very quickly that through experimenting you create pleasant or painful results. So it tries to keep you within predictable patterns in order to try and avoid pain or gain pleasure. It makes sure you stay in the comfortable and not venture too much into the unknown. Which is why I say it appoints itself as the governor of your physical experience. It’s designed to keep you safe. When you go and try something completely NEW out of your comfort zone the Ego perceives that you’ve just done something crazy like jumping into a lake full of Crocodiles. Of course this is when all sorts of self-sabotage comes up in the Ego’s desperate attempt to get you back into what’s comfortable. (see my video Phases of change)

Now let’s not make an enemy of the Ego. We need to thank the Ego for playing this particular role of keeping us safe within our physical experience. It also has another important function that we didn’t forget when we incarcerated into this physical experience. That’s the function of desire for growth and expansion essentially the need for more, more, more. However, the Ego only knows how to create this at a physical level. So it thinks on the level of matter we need More Money, More Sex, More Power, More chocolate.... the Ego can only relate it’s need for more to it’s individual physical experience not to a broader perspective inclusion with other. 

It’s important to understand this because it’s the key to the transcendence of the Ego. Let’s imagine for a moment a child wants chocolate. If you were to give that child an endless bucket of chocolate and allowed it to physically indulge in experiencing chocolate to its heart’s desire, I guarantee you the child will eventually hit a point where it no longer desires chocolate the way it did. Chocolate thereafter merely becomes a choice for the sake of a familiar experience.

Another example is maybe a Woman who’s desired her whole life to have children and if she is able to experience having as many children as she wants and fully experiences every moment that comes with the mothering role she naturally moves into the desire of more freedom and not wanting to be raising anymore children. A Mother whom maybe wasn’t completely immersed in their mothering experience preoccupied with other thngs is more likely to have regrets around her parenting presence and possibly get clucky again in order to fully complete this emotional experience. In conclusion when you’re able to experience a desire to its absolute fullest potential within your physical experience the Ego no longer attaches to needing this experience again. 

Therefore, the secret to transcending the Ego is to give the Ego everything it desires at a physical and emotional level. Once the Ego knows that it can have and create everything it desires it simply gets bored. A bored Ego with no physical or emotional needs or desires is of no threat to anyone else, and so is free to become an inclusive entity simply experiencing the world without attachment to anything or anyone. It becomes a freed Ego. To an average person this looks like a life of lonliness and without love but in fact is actually the complete opposite. It’s a state of pure unconditional love. Where you desire nothing from anyone you are giving purely for the joy of giving out energy, asking for nothing in return. God consciousness.

Should I quit my job and become a fulltime healer?

Posted on 14 March, 2019 at 19:50

This is a more common question than you think. I get told often “A psychic once told me I’m a healer, so should I quit my day job to become a healer?” Opening up our own Healing business seems to be the New Age thing to do. However, the question is can you provide healing to humanity simply by doing your regular everyday job?

Say for example your primary purpose is to nurture and support others. You may not necessarily need to quit your job and become a Nurse or Carer. It just means that within your current job you need to provide more nurturing and support to others, or if your primary purpose is communication for example and you work at the check outs at Coles it just means use more communication as your tool. By using your natural inherent skills and talents you are actually still providing the universe with your special soul’s gift.

My background is within Counselling but when I had my last 2 children I wanted to do something simple from home so I started up a Spray tanning business. You’d be surprised how fantastic I became at incorporating my Counselling skills within my spray tanning. Hence my spray tanning business became a huge success simply because I was expressing my Soul’s gifts and purpose through whichever job I was doing.

Imagine what the world would be like if we all quite our regular jobs to become only healers. The garbage man wouldn’t come every week, there would be no one to serve us at the bank or anyone to grow local vegetables and so on. We are all a necessary part of this bigger system. We can provide loving healing energy that incorporates our divine self-expression into our daily job. Now if what you are doing daily is making you absolutely miserable then that’s a different story all together.

There are many successful healers that began to work on their healing practice slowly on the side while doing their day job. By building slowly they were able to establish a base as well as still having the financial support they needed from their more predictable regular job. Not everyone feels comfortable running their own business, and in reality a business takes up to 2 years to fully stabilize. Therefore, simply quitting your day job to open up your own healing business can be a very disempowering or anxious choice that not everyone has the strength to carry out.

Personally I think, master your Soul’s natural gifts within your current job first, and see how you can provide your Soul’s divine gifts to the world that way, unless you feel that your current job is completely incongruent to whom you are at Soul level and there’s no way for you to express your divine gifts within that job, only then consider whether running your own healing business would be the right option for you.

Are you in a Relationship with a Negative Soul?

Posted on 5 February, 2019 at 2:10

A common concern I come up against within Relationship Realignments is when someone finds out that they are in a Relationship with a Negative Soul. Negative Souls are a challenging bunch to deal with simply because they are NOT always bad people! Negative Souls find it easier to absorb energy from others rather than having to work for it for themselves. In simpler terms they have severed their direct link to Source and have found a way to suck energy from the people around them instead. This gets often termed in a very negative way amongst the spiritual community as Energy Vampires. This doesn’t make them bad people it just means they either have forgotten or haven’t learnt any other way of accessing this energy from source.

You can spot these people easily if you see most of the following traits within your partner:

Lacks remorse

Thinks the rules don’t apply to them

Thinks everything is always about them

Blames others

Never takes responsibility for their actions

Charming but arrogant

Needs to win

Chameleons within a relationship

Tell you everything you want to hear rather than being authentic

Lacks consciousness

Likes to manipulate the truth

Do things to get a rise out of people

Incapable of long term changes

Only change just enough to make you believe they can change

Lack empathy

Critical or wont validate your efforts

Tries to confuse you so you constantly doubt yourself

Finds it hard to connect on a very deep level

Will lie to look good in front of others

Self-esteem is based around external gains

Is Vengeful

Moves on to other Relationships quickly when current one no longer serves them

Their partners look tired and sucked dry

Very Co-dependent so they need your energy

This is a group of people I choose not to do Soul Realignments for. With Negative Souls it’s useless to attempt helping these people because they are completely ‘internally inspired’, therefore they will only change their orientation from a Negative Soul to a Positive Soul when “THEY” choose to. And if it’s so much easier to take it from others than having to work hard for it themselves then why would they need to change?

The best ways to cope with being in a Relationship with a Negative Soul is to establish clear boundaries and make time for self care and self nurturing away from the Negative Soul. You could also mimic back to them their own behavior as Negative Souls really dislike it when others do the same back to them. The risk of this is that you could turn into a negative soul yourself if you do it for too long so I don’t recommend this as a long term option.

Promote healthy relationships. Where both people are able to access energy for themselves and when their cups are completely full then they are able to share this energy with each other.

Love and Light

Carla Savannah

What is The Dark Night of the Soul?

Posted on 23 January, 2019 at 9:00

It’s a term often used within the Spiritual community to describe when someone is going through a period of transformation. Like the Caterpillar that turns into the chrysalis not knowing whether it will be able to come out on the other side a Butterfly. The caterpillar literally is faced with the risk and fear of death in order to transform into a butterfly.

This often happens when someone has had an initial trigger such as a mystical experience, traumatic event, near death experience or a loss of someone they love. They go through a period of questioning everything they have ever known to be real or meaningful. It’s like a state of depression one can fall into where they no longer feel as though they have any purpose or meaning to their lives. It can feel like you’re stuck drowning in quick sand clueless as to how to get out. There’s so much darkness, no clarity as to what the future will bring.

The most common emotions and feelings that come up are sadness, confusion, anxiety, numbness to life and most of all extreme lethargy. What once made you feel good you no longer feel drawn to. Your natural spark feels like it’s been blown out. On a daily basis you may attract constant challenges be it change of job, relationship break downs, health issues, financial issues and losses. You feel as though you just can’t keep up with all the changes. Sometimes even suffer insomnia at all hours of the morning due to constant overthinking.

This can last anything from months to even years depending on how big you perceived that initial trigger to be. When it’s due to psychological trauma or spiritual researching it should be dealt with and overcome slowly like peeling away layers of an onion in order to minimize a prolonged state of depression. This is a time to be delicate and compassionate with yourself.

The best ways to overcome this state is either remain present and observe your feelings as they arise or finding the next best emotion that provides even just the smallest amount of relief and work your way up from there, with the intention of moving up on the emotional scale towards more positive emotions. Understanding that this is the path towards becoming a more awakened and enlightened version of yourself. Like the Butterfly. As you Evolve each time you go through it gets easier and quicker. You understand what’s happening and simply treat it as just another episode of integration, transformation or upgrading from the old you into the new you. Just like an old iPhone trying to adjust to the newest software update. Trust that you won’t malfunction, you’re just needing time to adjust to the new knowledge and information coming in. ~ Carla Savannah

Who's Talking?

Posted on 5 December, 2018 at 15:15

I’ve spoken briefly in my emails about how to distinguish between a thought from the Ego and a thought from your higher self, but things start to become more complicated when you realize that there’s more than just those two voices in your mind. Of course at this point I need to let you know that you’re not going crazy.

We are a part of the collective consciousness of this planet. Therefore the fact that you are connected to everything subconsciously and ABLE to connect to everything consciously you are technically receiving downloads and uploading information all the time.


A sensitive Mother might be able to feel what her child Is feeling and get the message that she’s not well, or if a friend calls you who’s just had a fight with their partner sounds slightly off you may get the message that something is wrong. People have been known to have picked up on their neighbors Dinner intentions and quite unconsciously decided to have the same meals. Does this mean that the thought originated with you?


You see on a daily basis we are all swimming in each other’s vibrational soup if you will. When we have a thought that we have fed enough energy towards, we carry it around within our energy body and it becomes virtually palpable to people in close proximity to us. Sometimes just thinking about a person can create a connection between the 2 of you like 2 cups connected with a string. They will then interpret the information being received based on their own frame of reference.


So we can often walk past someone on the street and suddenly have a thought that “The Dog needs to go to the Vet” yet we don’t even have a Dog. So where did that come from. A passer by of course. This is an obvious case where you can clearly pick up that the thought wasn’t yours to begin with. Things only begin to get more complicated when we are unable to distinguish between our own thoughts and thoughts that have been implanted by other external sources.


Being so connected as a Species it’s incredibly important to have the ability to rationalize and distinguish thoughts that come into our minds. Especially in a world that is being conditioned constantly into violence through social media and movies. Just because you suddenly feel angry or anxious doesn’t always mean that emotion originated within you. You may have accidentally just picked it up in the ethers from your neighbor or someone passing by.


In any case, tracing back the trail of when, what, who, why, how and where an emotional trigger may have start could be an excellent tool of practice to avoid getting sucked into other people’s thought patterns.


In conclusion you’re not always only dealing with 2 voices in your head. You’re actually dealing with so much more. And I haven’t even yet gone into the possibility of these thoughts being downloaded by your guides, deceased loved ones or even extra-terrestrial beings. You have no idea what you could be channeling if you don’t train yourself to know the difference.


Why Women struggle to Awaken and stay awake

Posted on 2 December, 2018 at 20:35

As Women we often seem to question our spirituality and ability to be enlightened. Continually wondering to ourselves “Am I doing it right, am I getting it right?, maybe I need to study more.” In most cases I can diagnose the problem immediately because it’s very often due to hormones. Let me explain.

Women from a young age, and this is a generalization but, Women dream about their Wedding day, who they will marry and how many children they’re going to have. They have this fantasy that they will meet their “Soul mate” and live happily ever after. When it doesn’t work out this way we spend our lives in this constant search for what we deem to be “true love”.


The problem is that we are still driven by hormones which in turn causes emotions to consistently arise. We are actually programmed this way to ensure the survival of our species. When the biological system (hormones) control our body and mind it’s like we’re being hijacked by our emotions, and logical, rational thinking is no longer available to us. We continue to react emotionally within every situation and lack clarity in our thinking. This constant pre-occupation with our physical needs and the survival of our species, which is what the most primative reptillian part of our brain is designed to govern, some call this the Ego Mind is active we are unable to focus on our spiritual higher mind self.


Great spiritual teachers believe that most Women only have access to their truest clairvoyance skills and intuition when finding that perfect relationship or the insatiable need to have children or mother something is no longer controlling them. Often this is over the 40’s. Even when a younger child is born with these gifts of seeing, commonly in their teen years when hormones begin to control their desires these gifts can diminish or completely go dormant when hormones take over. Forcing them back into a sleep from their truest spiritual self.


More often Women who are in a settled relationship and know that they no longer want to have any more children, OR independent Women who never intended to have a committed relationship or have never wanted to have any children these Women are the ones who seem to be the most FREE to access their higher selves. Being Free of the constant search for love and validation encourages their desire to look inwards for this love and validation instead. They don’t walk around radiating the energy of “I’m needy and desperate”, which often a Man can sniff out these Women instantly and run the opposite direction. These confident, Independent Women are able to reach enlightenment and access their spiritual gifts more readily, without distractions.

So ask yourself, Are you still being controlled by your emotions? Is the biological system that you are currently animating hijacking your thinking mind? When a situation comes up that triggers an emotion within you are you able to process and rationalize your thoughts or do you get sucked into a snowball other emotions and reactions?


Now i'm not saying that emotions are wrong. Emotions play a very important role in our physical survival, but in the world of spirit and energy, Emotions are completely irrelevant, because when we cross over the endocrine system (the part of our body that controls the release of these hormones) is no longer necessary. This is simply a feature of the Physical, biological, Human body which is shed when we cross over to spirit realm.

Remember that no one can fix you and no one is stopping you. Only you can help yourself.


Is modern spirituality becoming a Religion all of its own?

Posted on 18 November, 2018 at 20:15

As a young child being raised in Catholic schools it used to shock me how robotic people can be. I would sit at the back of the church watching people follow orders for an hour. Stand up. Sit down. Kneel down. I didn’t understand how this whole series of things made me a better person? And what if on the other part of the world people didn’t know this robotic sequence would they have any hope of being saved? Yes from a young age I questioned everything.

As time has passed I’ve seen humanity turn from all the Dogmas of Religion slowly towards other rituals in the hope of feeling good. People who became fed up with the restrictions of Religion turned to ways of finding relief through various Spiritual practices. Whether its meditation, crystals, singing bowls and so much more. We simply found another set of rituals to replace the rituals that became boring to us. Watching a Yoga class, Meditation class or even a workout can look just as robotic as standing in the back of a church.


Now I’m not bagging spiritual rituals, so please take care to understand what I’m trying to explain. The main reason why people are attracted to Religion or Spirituality is for a sense of comfort or relief. Often what initially drew us to these things was the fact that we were in a time in our life when things got rough, we get divorced, we’ve lost a loved one, our business has gone bankrupt or became unhealthy physically or mentally. We use Religion and Spirituality as a form of escapism from the pain we were feeling at the time.


The beauty of Religion and Spirituality also is the fact that it provides a sense of community and belonging. Being a social species this obviously is a big attraction. Finding others who think the same and act the same makes us feel connected to something bigger.


Humans are completely unaware of their innate desire to move towards a Hive mind mentality. Just like bees, ants, some species of fish and birds. Some species function so well as a collective they build entire cities in complete harmony. Our desire and ultimate goal which is to become part of the collective consciousness of Humanity and be able to tap into the Hive mind at will can make us lose our sense of individuality. It can make us abdicate our personal responsibility for searching for personal truth.

If we are constantly searching for somewhere to belong or someone to copy we may veer off the path of self-discovery all together. Like sheep just following each other. I propose that people look at their rituals very closely and ask themselves why they think this is the way it should be performed. Is it because they’ve been taught this way or because they’ve trialed many different ways and found this to work best for them? There’s no right or wrong way to do ritual. There’s simply your way!

Source energy or God, whatever you’d like to call it, has the desire to expand, learn and evolve. Source isn’t interested in experiencing the same old boring patterns over and over again. Source is interested in that small percentage of difference and individuality you provide the collective. That’s why you were given FREE WILL. This makes the experience stay interesting and makes source energy feel as though there is still something to be learnt.


Religion, Spirituality or any rituals are great stepping stones, there’s a lot of value in having these as an entry point to developing consciousness, but how can you express yourself individually within this Hive mind or collective consciousness of Humanity? Question yourself are you simply escaping one ritual do another? AND Have you realized yet that what’s at the heart of your search is something that was there all along already! You are already a part of something bigger. You don’t have to do anything it’s already there!

Should we cry in front of our children?

Posted on 8 November, 2018 at 4:20

I grew up around the belief that parents shouldn’t show their emotions in front of their Children. Don’t argue in front of children, don’t cry or show vulnerability in front of children, keep it together at all times. Discussions that weren’t child appropriate were supposed to be done away from the children.

These days, parents are expressing more and more in front of their children. They swear and scream, fight with their partner or yell at the other school Mums in front of the children and in some cases have complete emotional breakdowns in front of their children.


It’s virtually gone from one extreme to the other. In the almost 20 years alone that I’ve been parenting much has changed. Children are allowed to be more liberal with expressing their emotions. Somewhere along the way expressing no emotion turned in to expressing too much emotion. Unbelievably there are children who today swear and disrespect their parents.


The parenting beliefs are so conflicting. Should we express ourselves openly and honestly in front of the kids or should we stay quiet and pretend everything is ok in order not to burden the kids with adult issues. Where is the happy medium? Should we be able to cry in front of our kids?


There’s no such thing as the perfect parent but coming from someone who has experienced both extremes here’s my view. Not expressing emotions in front of your children gives them the false illusion that life is always going to be perfect and that they will never run into difficult emotions. For children growing up in this situation when an emotional situation comes their way they risk feeling as though it’s the end of the world for they lack the tools to be able to deal with and work through their emotions. On the other hand children being raised in a household with parents who feel free to have a complete emotional meltdown in front of their children don’t learn how to deal with their emotions appropriately at all. This can make them feel unsafe, anxious and overwhelmed, they may take emotional responsibility for the parent or think that this is how everyone expresses themselves. Social skills and empathy may become a serious problem either way.

If we were to take the best intentions from both of these extremes we may actually find an appropriate solution. While not expressing in front of our children can create a fallse sense of safety and stability within the child, it’s a sense of safety none-the-less and expressing our emotions can give children the chance to see that we are real humans with feelings. If we could find opportunities for our children to see us cry and feel but also process our emotions rationally in a safe way at the same time, we may actually be able to achieve success in this area. Showing children that we feel the emotions that we are feeling but that it’s ok to feel them, we don’t become consumed by them and still have full control over our emotions can give a child some great life skills in future.

In conclusion, by all means cry and express in front of your children but offer them a rational explanation as to why you are processing your emotions the way you are. Show them how to work through their emotions in a way where they don’t feel suppressed but feel acknowledged at the same time. Be the example you wish to see in them. You can’t go yelling at your kids and show lack of control over your emotions then expect your child not to go and treat others the same way. Likewise you can’t go silent and emotionless in front of your kids if you want them to feel free or safe enough to come to you when they are NOT ok in future.

Understanding Karma

Posted on 3 November, 2018 at 3:30

Sadly, most people don’t understand how Karma works and use it to explain why bad things happen to themselves or others. In reality Karma is so much more complex than this and it can actually be more liberating than you think.


No matter what you are doing every minute of the day you are making choices, be it to sit on the couch, eat a certain food, ignore someone, overwork, everything you do. There is an energy behind every choice you make. For example imagine a friend asks you to meet up for a coffee when you really don’t feel like it yet you say yes because you feel obligated to. That sense of obligation will attract more situations into your life where you feel more of a sense of obligation.

The world is a physical mirror projection of what you choose. Karma simply turns your choices into a consequence right in front of your face simply so you can physically see what you are manifesting or creating.

The great news about this is that Karma serves us beautifully when we make positive choices especially if they are based around our personal Soul’s gifts of expressing itself. Karma, in this case actually becomes highly protective of us! Making positive choices around our Divine self-expression essentially puts us in a very safe Karmic bubble where the universe will reflect back to us endless possibilities without getting a scratch on us.


Now I know what the next question is that you will ask, why does someone manifest abuse or an illness. To answer this, the Karma playing out needs to be looked at deeper into either family genetic choices, past life patterns or the collective consciousness/thinking which a child is born into. The less ability they have to make choices for themselves the more susceptible they are to people around them influencing their choices. Ultimately they weren’t able to make many choices for themselves. Therefore, they end up living out the Negative Unjust Karma that isn’t necessarily theirs. Ultimately the sooner a person has the opportunity to take control over their own choices the sooner they are able to create Positive Karma for themselves.


Have you ever wondered why some people can do the craziest things and they just seem to always get away with it. These people have generated and accumulated a lot of Positive Karma. Remember that if you can’t see a pattern then it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a pattern there present. Essentially we are living inside the very system we are trying to understand. It would be impossible for a fish to explain what Water looks like.


So often you hear people say when something negative happens “Oh I must have attracted this” or “They must have attracted what they got” But you rarely see someone pat themselves on the back and say when something positive happens “Yay Me!! I created that!” It’s great that a person takes responsibility for their choices because this is where the key to their power lies. But the important distinction is to shift out of the pattern on Victimization to Karma, rather use it to empower you. It’s not your fault it’s your right to create the life you want through choice.


Once we become conscious of this, life becomes a joyful experience where we are no longer afraid of what can happen to us. Accumulate and stay in the flow of Positive Karma and the universe will go out of its way to protect you and give you everything you desire.

Channeling without Meditation!

Posted on 21 October, 2018 at 5:05

One of the first tools taught to overcome trauma or difficult emotions be it by a Counsellor, Guru or Life coach might be Meditation. So you’ll be surprised to hear me say that Meditation isn’t something I emphasize. Yep you heard right! NO TRADITIONAL MEDITATION!

You see there are so many different types of techniques of meditation out there but until you find one that suits you, you could get disheartened by all the Woo Woo mumbo jumbo out there. If you’ve found one that benefits you that’s great.

Meditation attempts to quieten the Monkey Mind and get you into a receptive state for insight or inspiration to come in. Meditation attempts to get you into what Psychologists call “The Flow” or “The Zone” state. When you are in “the flow” you feel as though time is just standing still and you just feel like the inspiration is flowing into you with joy and ease. Wikipedia’s explanation of Flow : In positive psychology, flow, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does when the egoic mind is silent, resulting loss in one's sense of space and time.

This happens more often than you think, it happens while dancing, while driving, while writing, during exercise, sometimes even while working if you get completely absorbed and enjoy what you do. Children do this when they’re tired or trying to fall asleep. Have you ever seen a child twirling hair or rubbing a pillow, we even tell them to count sheep. These repetitive actions help the mind and body to enter a state of relaxation. It’s calming and soothing which induces a natural meditation. Here we become open and receptive to the next natural step, be it sleep, receiving inspiration and psychic downloads or just simple presence.

So how each person achieves a state of Meditation could be extremely individual based on the things that bring them comfort, relaxation, a sense of calm and joy. If you know what gets you into the flow, what connects you with your inspiration then you are technically already Meditating without any effort at all. You don’t have to sit with legs crossed saying Oms for 2 hours. It could be dancing, driving, talking, writing, tantric sex, gardening or playing an instrument. As you can imagine the options are endless and very individual to you. There's a natural way for you to reach higher consciousness through your own natural gifts and talents.

Can you think of times in your life when you were in the flow? Where you were completely present without the Monkey mind babbling away to get your attention? To get yourself into the flow state try doing repetitive, mostly calming and soothing motions or activities that bring you joy and comfort. Anything rhythmic that your body is doing allows your thoughts to be still and the mind to have moments of inspired downloads. Now you know why it’s right at that moment in bed when you’re switching off and resting that a great idea pops into your head. That state of allowing is natural to being in ‘the Flow”

If you want to practice receiving Psychic downloads from the collective consciousness, inspiration or channeling messages, find your own unique way of getting in to “The Flow”, replicate this feeling and add it to your daily activities. You can add it to your current meditation practice and you'll have a one up on every other traditional Spiritualist. Entering the Flow is also a great way to access your 'subconscious' mind where lots of hidden programming is located in the mind. If you’re wanting to work through past traumas or belief systems this state of mind is very useful for re-training the brain becauser in the Flow is where your open and receptive to change. But lets leave that for another Blog entry shall we ;)


Soul Realignments and Energetic Analysis of your Akashic Records can offer insight and transformation on all levels. If you're in need of some clarity or searching for meaning Carla's Realignments will change the way you see your World forever.