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About Carla 
Soul Realignment Practitioner and Intuitive Counsellor

Do you want more clarity and direction in your life?

Do you want to manifest the life you desire?

Do you want to rid yourself of negativity?

Do you want to advance your intuition to new heights?

I can help you gain insight, awareness, understanding and clarity in who you are on a deeper level. I can help you refine and focus your energy on what really matters to you, and work along side you to create action steps to get you there.

Hi! I'm Carla. I'm the Author of "How do I know when I'm ready to have kids" and my background is within Professional Counselling and Parent Support. My focus has always been on Conscious Pre-Parenting and Empowering Women. Having worked for various Government departments supporting Women and of course having Children of my own, I understand the challenges faced by Women on a daily basis.

To add to my list of tools, I've spent over 21 years involved in Natural Therapies such as Reiki, Crystal Healings, Chakra Balancing and Tarot Guided Counselling. For Years I searched for a way to combine my Counselling services with my Natural Therapies until I finally found Soul Realignments founded by the amazing Andrea Hess. Soul Realignment allows me to read a person's Akashic Records in such detail that i can find out exactly who the person is at a Soul Level and what the journey of their Soul is. I'm now an advanced level Soul Realignment practitioner. Out of this amazing modality i've created some of my own Realignments to tackle specific issues such as Finances, Relationships, Business growth and Parenting.

The Akashic Records are like Google for your Soul. It contains all information about all Souls past, present and most probable and possible futures. A Soul Realignment is a very systematic way of reading a Soul’s Akashic Records. It gives YOU the opportunity to look at past or present life programming and patterns be it ancestral, genetic or karmic that may still be running and re-write all of these programs and contracts.

Here’s what you can find out within your Akashic Records (Soul Realignment)
- What Planetary Soul Group you originated from
- What’s your Soul’s primary gifts and Specializations
- How you personally accumulate Vital Manifesting Energy
- How many Spirit Guides you have
- Find Aura leaks and at which chakras
- Whether you have made any past life Vows that are effecting you in this life
- Whether you have any Attaching Souls feeding off you
- Whether you have any negative intentions or Curses placed upon you
- Whether you have any implants or past life contracts still effecting you
- What past life Karma is effecting your ability to create the life you desire
- Whether you have any hooks or chords attached from you to another Soul
- Whether you’ve had any Soul Loss due to past traumas
- Whether you are travelling interdimensionally leaving portals open
- How Consciously connected or in alignment you are to your Higher Self
- Whether there is any damage, blocks or restrictions stopping you from receiving Energy
- What your Life Lesson/Theme is
- And more …….

Having a Soul Realignment offers
- More Self-awareness
- Clarity
- Transformation
- A New Beginning
- Better Sleep
- Decreased Anxiety around decisions
- Powerful manifesting skills
- Stronger Connection to Higher Self
- Ability to clear blocks restricting you from creating the life you desire.

The Process
A Soul Realignment is Channeled by Carla over a few days then is given over a 1hr phone call along with your Clearings emailed straight after. No need to leave the comfort of your home for a Soul Realignment. Please note that i can book out up to 4 weeks in advance due to demand so patience is needed.

I like to see quick results and transformation. However, I will work with you as intensly or passively as you wish. If I feel I'm not best suited to your personal needs I will point you in the right direction in order to make sure you get the help you need.

​Whether you're needing more self confidence, clarity or guidance, I can offer you the tools you need to face daily challenges and transform your life. If you are interested in having a Soul Realignment with Me make sure you email me in "Contact Carla" to arrange an appointment.. Be sure to check out the reviews on the testimonials page.

See more details about what services I offer in the services and pricing page.

Love, Light and Abundance!


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Soul Realignments and Energetic Analysis of your Akashic Records can offer insight and transformation on all levels. If you're in need of some clarity or searching for meaning Carla's Realignments will change the way you see your World forever.